Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday (actually Tuesday) Musings: Gout medication; mean people make more; Romney's ungaffe; Bachmann's unholy influences

This weekend, I saw a TV ad for gout medication. Gout. Isn't that the disease that all the rich people got back in the 1500-1700s From drinking too much and eating too much rich food? What does it say about our lifestyle and poor food habits that we now have advertisements for gout medication on TV? And so we continue to regress...

Mean Men Earn More than Nice Guys at Work - They had to do a study to know this???

Much buzz, especially in the liberal blogosphere, about Mitt Romney's statement in Iowa last week that "Corporations are people." The media instantly referred to it as a "gaffe" and the Democratic National Committee responded within an hour. My immediate reaction was "So what?" I assumed Romney was simply restating the legal principle (which dates back to the 1870s) that corporations are "natural persons" and therfore have the same rights as individuals under the law. While I don't support this notion (and believe it actually harmful), jumping on Romney is petty, the type of soundbite politics that is killing us (a game that Republicans are far more successful and nasty at than Democrats). Whether or not you agree with his position, Romney's full quote makes clear that he's talking about how the money a corporation makes eventually filters its way to people:
“Corporations are people, my friend,” Romney said, when a heckler called for raising their taxes. “Of course they are. Everything corporations earn eventually go to people. Where do you think it goes? Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People’s pockets. Human beings.”
On the political must-read list is Ryan Lizza's profile of Michele Bachmann in The New Yorker. The focus in on the people and institutions who've influenced her, and it's a frightening list, particularly for anyone who believes in rational discourse, secularism, freedom and equality. Unfortunately it's highly unlikely that the people who need to read this article will, or would see it as anything but "liberal media bias."

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