Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Musings: Kim Cardassian?; Herman Cain vs. the Democratic Machine; I'm not anti iPad

A friend passed this gem along... A couple of weeks ago, the subject of Kim Kardashian came up. (I had just ranted about the attention paid to her on my Facebook page, hence he told me this story.) His friend's 80-year-old mother, who had never heard of Kim, started to laugh: when she heard the name Kardashian, all she could think of was the Cardassians (from Star Trek the Next Generation) who were intent on destroying earth's civilization. She was so right.

I have to laugh when I hear Herman Cain blame "the Democratic machine" for pushing the various stories about harassment claims. The Democrats have everything to gain if Cain (or indeed most of the current Republican contenders) gets the nomination. Cain, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich: if any of these folks get the nomination, they'll hand the general election to Obama (quite a feat of political suicide given the President's dismal poll numbers and the lack of any sign that the economy will revive prior to the election). Now if stories about Mitt Romney emerge (or even Jon Huntsman, the other possibly electable Republican, who sadly trails badly in the polls), then I could believe a Democratic machine is at work.

My post about why I'm not buying an iPad has received a lot of hits. Just to emphasize a crucial point: I'm not anti-iPad; I'm just concerned about the amount of electronic trash out there. I decide not to buy this one product, but I own plenty of other stuff. I hope this one little decision makes a difference. Just imagine how we'd save if each of us chose not to buy one thing like this. Or at least extended the lives of these products as long as possible, rather than buying something just because it's new.

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