Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Musings: Rose Cousins; Republicans Eating Their Young; Rush Limbaugh

I’m listening to a great new album from Canadian singer-songwriter Rose Cousins. It’s produced by my downstairs neighbor, Zack Hickman, an amazing musician, producer and bandleader whose various activities (playing in at least four bands I’m aware of, including Josh Ritter’s Royal City Band, producing records for the likes of Mark Erelli, Rose Cousins and others, endlessly touring, performing as a studio musician) make me tired. It’s a great folk record with Rose’s sweet and soulful voice, and help from a who’s who of local Boston musicians. It’s called “We Have Made a Spark” and I highly recommend it. It’s available on her website, or from iTunes or Amazon. She also put out a short video called “If I Should Fall Behind” about the local Boston music scene she found herself involved in (much centered around Club Passim).

I thought only Democrats ate their young, but apparently Republicans do, too – at least this primary season. What really has me shaking me head is the criticism about how certain candidates make their money: Gingrich getting paid by Freddie Mae and Romney’s activities at Bain Capital. Puh-lease! This is a party that’s spent decades fighting against any attempt by government to regulate what people and companies do with their money. But to try and gain a political advantage, they’re willing to attack one of their own core principles and criticize Romney and Gingrich for doing things that are 1) perfectly legal and 2) exactly what they support. Just another indication of how morally bankrupt and hypocritical these people are.

Finally, here’s the proper response to the latest hate spewed forth from the gaping maw that is Rush Limbaugh’s mouth:

(Yes, that’s silence. The sooner people stop responding and start ignoring Rush and his ilk, the better off we’ll all be. These folks thrive on controversy. They want to provoke, and when people respond by making a big stink, it simply increases their credibility among their core fanatics. As far as I’m concerned, Limbaugh doesn’t exist.)


  1. Brilliantly put! I look forward to your MM's and reading what's made you frown or smile this week...