Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Boulder Country Craft Breweries - The Definitive List (updated October 10, 2018)

October 2018 Update:

  • New brewery alert! I've added Collision Brewing in Longmont, which has their grand opening on Oct. 13.
This is a definitive list of all Boulder County craft breweries, including key details (such taproom vs. full restaurant, patios, dog friendliness, etc.) I've visited these myself and/or reached out to the brewery for details but please help keep this current! If you have any changes, let me know in the comments below.

A few provisos: 
  • I have not been to all of these (yet). I haven't visited Atom, Collision, Echo or Wild Mountain, although I've had beer from Atom and Echo.
  • This doesn't include BJ's Roadhouse as this is a national chain.
  • I left out cider and meaderies.

Brewery Name Location Restaurant
or Taproom
Patio? Dog Friendly?1 Happy Hour Notes
12Degree Brewing Louisville Pizzeria Yes Yes (patio) M-Th 4-6 pm $1 off pizza and pints
300 Suns Brewing Longmont Taproom Yes Yes (patio) M-W 2-6 pm
Asher Brewing Co. Gunbarrel Taproom Yes Yes (patio) No, but pints only $4-5 Organic
Atom Brewing Co. Erie No No NA NA Bottle releases and distribution only
Avery Brewing Co. Gunbarrel Both Yes Yes (patio) No
Bootstrap Brewing Niwot Taproom Yes Yes (patio) All day Mon.
Beyond the Mountain Brewing Gunbarrel Taproom ? ? No
Boulder Beer Boulder Restaurant Yes Yes (patio) Yes CO's first craft brewery
BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats Boulder Restaurant Yes Yes (patio) 3-6 pm daily and all day Tues.
Cellar West Artisan Ales Boulder Taproom No No No Open Th/F 4-8 pm; Sa/Su 11 am-8 pm
Collision Brewing Company Longmont Restaurant Yes ? Su-Th 3-6 pm; F-Sa 9 pm-close;
Crystal Springs Brewing Co. Louisville Taproom Yes Yes No
Echo Brewing Erie Pizzeria Yes Yes (patio) M-Th 3-6 pm $1 off pints 2nd site; other site is in Frederick
FATE Brewing Co. Boulder Restaurant Yes Next to (not on) patio only M-F 3-5:30 pm
Finkel & Garf Brewery Gunbarrel Taproom Yes Yes No
Front Range Brewing Co. Lafayette Taproom2 Yes Yes (patio) M-F 3-6pm $1 off pints
Gravity Brewing Louisville Taproom2 Yes Yes (patio) No
Grossen Bart Brewery Longmont Taproom Yes Yes
Gunbarrel Brewery Gunbarrel Taproom2 Yes Yes Limited hours as they staff up - check website
The Industrial Revolution Brewing Co. Erie Taproom Yes
J Wells Brewery Boulder Taproom No Yes "Slacker hour" $2 off pints 3-4pm M-F
Regular happy hour $1 off pints 4-6pm M-F

Kettle and Spoke Boulder Taproom Yes Yes Funky nanobrewery in a bike shop with limited hours - check website
Left Hand Brewing Co. Longmont Taproom Yes No No (but free tour)
Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co. Lafayette Taproom2 Yes Yes (patio) $1 off pints M-Th 4:30-5:30pm
Mountain Sun Pubs & Breweries Mountain Sun (Pearl St. Boulder) Restaurant Yes No Yes No credit or debit cards
Southern Sun (South Boulder) Restaurant Yes No Yes
Under the Sun (South Boulder) Restaurant No No Yes
Long's Peak Pub (Longmont) Restaurant Yes No Yes
New Planet Beer Co. Boulder Taproom Yes Yes (patio) No Gluten-free, Gluten-reduced and Barley beers available
Limited hours
Odd13 Brewing Lafayette Taproom2 Yes Yes (patio) M-Th 3-5 pm All night M-Tu if you walk or bike
Open Door Brewing Longmont Taproom No No No
Contract brewer
Oskar Blues Brewery Brewery (Longmont) Taproom Yes Yes No but pints only $4
Liquids and Solids (Longmont) Restaurant Yes No Food only
Chuburger (Longmont) Restaurant Yes No Food only
Cyclhops (Longmont) Restaurant Yes No Food only
Lyons Restaurant Yes No Food only
Boulder Taproom Taproom but small menu Yes No Food only
The Post Brewing Co. Lafayette Restaurant Yes No M-F 4-6pm
Longmont Restaurant Yes No M-F 11am-6pm; Sa/Su 3-6pm
Boulder Restaurant Yes No M-Th 4-6pm; F-Su 3-6pm Old location of Shine Restaurant
Pumphouse Brewery Longmont Restaurant Yes Yes (on patio leashed to perimeter fence and out of walkways) M-F 3-6pm & 10pm-midnight
Sanitas Brewing Co. Boulder Taproom2 Yes Yes (patio) M-F 4-6pm $1.50 off pints
$2.50 for train beers within 15 min. of train passing
Skeye Brewing Longmont Taproom2 Yes (small) No No
Twisted Pine Brewing Co. Boulder Restaurant Yes No (although dogs can stay on grass a few feet away from patio) All day Tu
M, W-F 4-6 pm
Upslope Brewing Co. East Boulder Taproom2 Yes Yes M-F 11 am-2 pm $1 off
North Boulder Taproom Yes Yes No
Very Nice Brewing Co. Nederland Taproom2 No Yes No but flagship beers only $4
Vision Quest Brewery Boulder Taproom Yes Yes
West Flanders Brewing Co. Boulder Restaurant Yes No M-F 3-6 pm
Wibby Brewing Longmont Taproom2 Yes Yes No
Wild Mountain Smokehouse & Brewery Nederland Restaurant Yes No 4-6 pm daily
Wild Woods Brewery Boulder Taproom Yes Patio only All day Tues.
1 Dogs must be on leash (whether in the taproom or on the patio) in all of these establishments.
2 Although these breweries do not have restaurants, there is food available, either from an adjacent restaurant or from regularly scheduled food trucks.


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